Ladies Only format is available for all our classes and cruises.

IMAG0546.jpg First Mate’s and Crew Course:

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This one day course will have you and your captain looking like professionals. Learn the skills to become a competent and confident first mate. Topics include nautical terminology, knots, communication, proper ways to assist in docking and tying up the boat. Crewing basics like sail trim, proper winch techniques, safety on deck and proper use of on board marine systems.

  • One Day Crew Class $499PP

IMG_3107.JPG Weekend Cruising Couple’s Tune-up:

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Before you embark on a summer of fun cruising in your home waters. Come and take a refresher course with us. We’ll take you through the steps of planning an incident free cruise. Proper communication techniques that keep nerves calm and voices quiet. Warm up your skills to keep your summer of sailing shipshape and fun.

  • Live-Aboard, Duration:2 days, 1 night
  • $1,499 per Couple
  • ~Make it a family tune-up! $1,699 per Family up to 4 persons

IMG_5503.JPG Level I:ASA Basic Keel Boat

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This fun 3 day class is intended for the novice sailor. The basics of sail theory and safety at sea is taught  in our beautiful tiki classroom. Then apply your knowledge aboard our school boat for some great on the water training. At the conclusion of the course you will be able to safely and comfortably take a 25-30ft boat out day sailing.

Topics to Include:

  • Getting underway and hoisting sail
  • How does sailing work
  • Stopping the boat under sail
  • Knots
  • Tacking and Jibing
  • Crew Overboard
  • Day Sail Planning and Much much more…

Course formats for both day classes and live-aboard.

  • 3 Day Class Basic Keel Boat  $ 925 pp
  • 3 Day Liveaboard Basic Keel Boat $1,495.00 pp
  • 5 Day Class Basic Keel Boat $1,595 pp
  • 5 Day Liveaboard Basic Keel Boat $2,495.00


Level II: ASA Basic Coastal Cruising-

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Our second class builds upon the knowledge gained in Basic Keel Boat .With the addition of Coastal Navigation, NOAA weather forecasts,anchoring, knots and docking. At the conclusion of this course you will be able to comfortably plan and navigate a weekend sailing holiday and handle moderate weather conditions safely.

Topics to Include:

  • Charting, Chart Symbols and the Compass
  • Steering a Course
  • Rules of the Road
  • Docking bow in
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Essential Safety Equipment and Coast Guard Requirements
  • Anchoring and Mooring plus much much more…

Live-aboard and Day Classes

    • Duration 3 Days
    • Day Class Basic Coastal Cruising $995pp
    • Live-aboard Basic Coastal Cruising $1,495pp
    • ~Combo Class
    • Both Basic Keel Boat and Coastal Cruising, ASA 101-103
    • 5 Day Format
    • Live-aboard Only $2,499.50 PP
    • Non-student ‘Stowaways’ Welcome!



Level III: ASA 104 Bareboat Chartering-

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As the name suggests this course is designed for those who’s dream is bareboating in an exotic destination. You will learn to safely skipper or crew on boats 30 to 50 feet in length in moderate conditions.

Topics include:

  • How to Provision for a 3-7 day trip and meal preparation
  • Proper anchoring and mooring techniques
  • Engine checks and maintenance
  • Assisting others
  • Using the VHF
  • Maneuvering under power
  • How to handle emergency situations like dragging anchor, fouling a propeller and crew overboard
  • plus much more….~

Live-aboard and Destination* classes available

  • 4 to 7 day format
  • 4 day Bare Boat Chartering  Live-aboard $1,795pp

~Combo Classes

    • 5 Day ASA 103-104 Combo Live-aboard $2,495.50pp
    • 7 Day ASA 101-104 Combo Live-aboard* $2,897.50pp**
    • 7 Day ASA 101-104 Combo Live-aboard Bahamas Based Class $2,895.00 PP
    • ** Prior sailing experience required


Level IV: ASA 105 Coastal Navigation-

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A more advanced class for students wanting to learn traditional navigational techniques or long time sailors wanting to freshen their skills.
Taught in the School~Tiki

Topics Include:

  • Reading Nautical Charts
  • Correcting your course for current and leeway
  • Navigation in Fog
  • Determining tides and currents
  • Electronic Navigation and much more..

Day Class $499PP



Level  V: ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising-

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For the experienced sailor looking to expand his or her  repertoire to night sailing, sailing in less than optimal weather and more challenging cruising destinations. This is a fabulous course that will get you cruising safely weather its taking your boat on an extended cruise or your next charter vacation.

Topics Include:

  • Piloting in foreign harbors
  • On-board Roles and Practices
  • Personal safety offshore and at night
  • Watch Practices
  • Emergency Procedures like Running Aground, Steering Failures and Safety Aloft
  • Intermediate Weather forecasting techniques and much much more…

Live-Aboard and Destination * Classes Available

    • 5 Day ASA 106 $ 2,499.50 pp
    • 7 Day ASA 105/106 Combo Class $2,895.00 PP
    • 8 Day ASA 105-106 Coastal Cruise $2,995.50  pp
    • * price of destination classes is based on location


IMG_6300.JPG ASA 118 Docking Practice-

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This may be the most valuable class you ever take in boating. You will learn to handle a fixed prop sail boat in close quarters, learn proper docking techniques for bow in and stern to or (Mediterranean Mooring), using spring lines and warps, parallel docking, and learn proper pre-departure and pre-arrival techniques for the whole crew.

  • Day Course Only
  • 2 Day Docking Techniques Non Liveaboard $599 pp
  • ~Add your docking endorsement to any combo class and save 25%
  • 1 Day docking Add-On $425 PP


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